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Before I start, let me have a short survey..

Probably you might have..


After seeing the last question, you might be thinking back your past experience or you might think the question is stupid!! Why am I interested in this topic? Well here is one story (based on true incident. Not Me 😆 ) … Suppose you saw a nice boy/girl and you liked him/her very much. But you do not have the courage to tell what you have in your mind!! 😳 Think about the situation when you heard through friend you that he/she also liked you; and you start romance. Won’t you be happy?? Of course you will be happy. On your first date, you heard one of the most common sentence in the world from him/her!! “I LOVE YOU!!” 🙂 But one day, some of your friend told you that he/she is dating another person also and unluckily THAT WAS TRUE!! 😯 😥 How will you react in that kind of situation?? 😈 Well, my question is, “What is LOVE”. Someone told you that he/she love you, and after sometime dump you!! If this is love; DO YOU WANT LOVE or DO YOU LOVE ANYONE!! ❗ ❗ ❓