Goodbye Rockzzzz!!!!

(Dedicated to all the 2008-’11 batch M.C.A. Kalasalingam University)

Hello guys, how are you? I hope you are doing fine. It’s been a long time since we’ve met. I’m very happy to have you such a good friend to share my problems, joy, and everything.

Now we’ve almost complete our PG course. During our studies I’ve learned a lot of good things from you. During these days, we’ve struggled together, we’ve enjoyed together and helping each other. All these experiences gave me a beautiful friendship, a good time to cherish, and unforgettable memories in my life.

You’ve helped me in a lot of ways. Whenever I need help to do things, you are always besides me; you helped me to complete my works. You always fulfill my request. I don’t know how to thank to you guys and I cannot repay you back. All I can do is only to say “Thank you”. If there is any time that I can do anything for you. I’ll try my best to fulfill your needs.

More importantly, I’m happy that I belong to ‘B’ Section. To me all of you are not just friends; you are my bothers and sisters away from home. Our relationship is one of the most beautiful relationships I ever had among my classmates in my past times. If I’ve not met a friend like you, my stay in this university will be so bored. You make my day great and fun. I want you to “Thank” again.

I also want to extend my gratitude to all the lecturers and faculty members of Computer Application Department. They are very kind and helpful to me. Without them I cannot go through all the hardship and challenges.

Last but not the least, I wish all of you to have all the success in your life. Wish you to have a good career. Wherever we are whatever we do, let’ keep in touch. Thank You.



MCA 2008 -'11 Batch KLU

MCA 2008 -'11 Batch KLU


10 Responses to “Goodbye Rockzzzz!!!!”

  1. RMKSULTAN Says:

    I enjoyed everything with our classmates and with u. I’ve learned lot of things from u . U help me a lot and ofcourse U mentioned my mistakes and advice me to change that. i like that character. U r a good friend for me.
    never forget me and our friends. Wherever U go always keep in touch. Take care . All the best for ur future.c u.


  2. Hi ramtea its not good name RAM this name is very nice name my sis call me ram that time i remember U, in first day college u sit in a front row first bench in our class, thet time ur face is very com ,that face reaction i didn’t forget.
    and i mis the kodaikanal trip ,i think u realy enjoy the trip i saw the photos all the photos r very nice,i mis u all that time.second year IV wow what a wonderful moment in my life i realy than our friends because its my desire
    i enjoy very much in kerala veegaland etc etc….. its a my life time enjoyment .
    In this third year ha ha ha v r realy ROCKZZZZZZZZZZZZZ we r all face lot of broblems in this final year but v r rockzz anytime anywhere i mis u all of them . i din’t say about u dont scold me i realy mis u ram. different culture varous persons different location different language u realy manage very well in the past 2 and half years i say sorry to u because i speak in our class all the times in tamil u didn’t understand so that i say sorry dont forget our class time and also our chating our B sec family u remember u also one of the rockz in 18 rockz dont forget all these things keep on touch our group mail share ur feelings its anything sad happiest moment anything v r with U …………….

  3. Ganapathy Says:

    hi Genius,
    hi , ram how r u ? i hope u r fine for ever , u r one of my best friend in our class, we enjoyed lots and lots of moment in those days with our classmates. i hope u don’t forget those days . that was by golden days in my life, we had a good time . only thing after the course completion u will go back to ur home town after that we cant able to meet u , may be its possible we wil come to north for job .so don’t forget those beautiful days that we spent in KLU .. don’t forget me and our guys … as u Said where ever u go always keep in touch . U did lot of helps to me THANK U for that RAM, okay take care. I wish u all the Best for ur bright future RAM , SEE U MY FRIEND.

  4. saravanaa Says:

    hi ram,

    i wonder, you too be a part of our rockerzzzz, almost two & half years we had together . according to klu, they keep lot of rules and regulations against students.among this we enjoyed a lot, we not consider about as a thing.i didnt xpect you can easily mingled at everyone as soon as possible.
    suppse if i studyin other state i cant guess me how i would be ??? you different.
    whenever we have dabate in class, you delivered some valued statemets, so you are knowledgable guy. And you helped me all lab classes, cause you neighbour to me..then at last sem (Vth) semester we worked mini project,,sorry sorry you only done the whole project alone im just a prt of it.. so i want to say ‘THANK you’ for all
    we had spend most of the time out of the class, you know,,(kodaikkanal trip, krisnankovil room, srivilliputtur prince room, finally both two IV’s ) meanwhile we spoked about life, friendships, your past life’s etc,,, im really enjoyed to be your friend.

    i have to share more but we didnt quit hereafter ,,so ram be always with us,, share your moments through this blog..i miss you partner.
    keep in TOUCH ————–>>>>> say a loud
    B section Rockzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. Hai Ram,

    How are you? How is your life going on?I hope you will be fine.
    You are very genius person.So calm.We enjoyed lots in our class room and in our IV. Don’t forget those beautiful moments. Don’t forget our friends,our class room ,after leaving this tamilnadu. I dont know here after we will meet or not.whatever it may be Keep in touch with our group mail.ok take care bye Ram.Always MCA B ROCKZZZZZZZ…..

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