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Goodbye Rockzzzz!!!!

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(Dedicated to all the 2008-’11 batch M.C.A. Kalasalingam University)

Hello guys, how are you? I hope you are doing fine. It’s been a long time since we’ve met. I’m very happy to have you such a good friend to share my problems, joy, and everything.

Now we’ve almost complete our PG course. During our studies I’ve learned a lot of good things from you. During these days, we’ve struggled together, we’ve enjoyed together and helping each other. All these experiences gave me a beautiful friendship, a good time to cherish, and unforgettable memories in my life.

You’ve helped me in a lot of ways. Whenever I need help to do things, you are always besides me; you helped me to complete my works. You always fulfill my request. I don’t know how to thank to you guys and I cannot repay you back. All I can do is only to say “Thank you”. If there is any time that I can do anything for you. I’ll try my best to fulfill your needs.

More importantly, I’m happy that I belong to ‘B’ Section. To me all of you are not just friends; you are my bothers and sisters away from home. Our relationship is one of the most beautiful relationships I ever had among my classmates in my past times. If I’ve not met a friend like you, my stay in this university will be so bored. You make my day great and fun. I want you to “Thank” again.

I also want to extend my gratitude to all the lecturers and faculty members of Computer Application Department. They are very kind and helpful to me. Without them I cannot go through all the hardship and challenges.

Last but not the least, I wish all of you to have all the success in your life. Wish you to have a good career. Wherever we are whatever we do, let’ keep in touch. Thank You.



MCA 2008 -'11 Batch KLU

MCA 2008 -'11 Batch KLU



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Well you are very familiar with the topic. Right!! Then what is a gift? If you are going to explain the word Gift, how will you explain?

I opened my CAL’s Dictionary, then i found the definition like: “a present or something which is given”. Yes, obviously, a gift is a present which was given to someone. Here, my questions are; why are we giving a gift and what does it signifies? To whom a gift was given???

A gift was given to someone we care. To show love, to encourage, to congrats and many other reasons. However be the reasons a gift says a lot of things to the receiver that words cannot express.

So, there is one clear thing about a gift. That is, when a gift was given; there are two parties involved: the one who received it and the one who gave it. The giver always expects some sort of appreciation from the receiver. And if the receiver did not appreciate what he was done. The giver might not feel good about him.

In life, everyone in this world were given the same gift, that is “TODAY”. GOD gave us equal opportunity to do our works, duty and what we need to do. If we don’t appreciate and utilized what we received from GOD, GOD might not be happy with us. GOD is ready to bless the one who appreciate His gift. So, let’s use our gift efficiently to achieve our best level.