Ka Hmangaih Hnena Ka Lehkhathawn

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Ka hmangaih, vawiin nia ka thusawi tur hi ngun taka min lo ngaihthlak sak tur che in ka ngen a che. Sawi turin thatna reng ka nei lo tih hre mah ila ka hmangaih em che avanga hetiang thu hi i hnena sawi ka ni tih min lo hriatsak turin ka ngen bawk a che.

Kan tunlai khawvela suahsualna lo pun nasat dan hi mi a nileng tan lo chuan hai thu a awm awm love. Kan Zoramah ngei pawh mimal nun a rum a, chhungkua an tap a, khawtlang a ngui a, ram in nasa takin a tuar mek bawk a nih hi. Nang erawh chu tunlai khawvel sualna nasa tak karah hian fimkhur taka nun hmang tur chein ka duh che a ni.

Sangha vuaknaah i tel ve tawh ngeiin ka ring a, a tihvel dan pawh i hre ngei ang; mahse i hriatloh takin a tlangpui kan hrilh ang che. Sangha vaw tur chuan sangha vauakna atana tha; thing hnahte, thing rahte, chinaite leh thil chi hrang hrang sangha in an huat em em thilte kengin luiah an kal a, an thil kente chu sangha awmna luiah an chiah a, sangha chuan chu chu an lo rui a, an man thin a ni. Chung sanghate chu an duh vang reng nilovin an chenna, an boruak hmuhna chu tih bawlhhlawha a awm tak avangin an rui a manin an awm thin a ni. Tuifim awmna lam luihnar lam panna chang hria nise chuan man an ni lo tur!! Mahse sangha an ni miau a!!

Heti zawng hianhan ngaihtuah chin teh. Tunlai kan hun tawngah hian Hmelmapa hian engtik lai pawhin thihna tur hi i banphakah a rawn chhawp reng che a ni tih hi. Mahse nang chu sangha ai thlawt chuan i chan chu tha tak a ni. Duh thlang thei dinhmunah i la ding tlat alawm!!! Hmelmapa buma awm lo tur chein ka duh che a ni. He tur hlauhawm tak i hnawl avanga i thiantha ni a i ngaihte, i hmangaih (kei tiamin) i chan phah dawn a nih pawhin zam suh. Hrehawm ti tak leh bianga mittui luang zawih zawih chunga tawrh a ngaih hun a lo thleng a nih pawhin nangmah tanpui theitu che a awm tih hria la, tawngtai theihnghilh suh ang che.

He khawvel hausakna leh mawinate i nei a nih chuan ka lawmpui khawp ang che. Mahse i duh luatah kawng dikloah pen phah suh la, i chantawkah lungawi thiam thei turin Pathian hnenah dil thin ang che.

Vanduaithak taka he hmelmapa tuinu in a lo chimbuai palh che a nih pawhin beidawng lo la, hun tha ila nei tih hriain bawhpelh lo turin fimkhur ang che. I chakna zawng zawng sawmkhawm la, tuifim awmna lam; luihnar pan turin theihtawp chhuah ang che. Harsa tak chung pawhin penkhat chauh pawh pen tum la, chumi i tih theih chuan chakna thar i neih belh ang tih ka tiam ngam a che. Tichuan kal zel la, luihnar i thlen hunah chuan hmangihna tawp neilo Pathian thlamuanna i chang ngei ang tih ring tlat rawh.

A chhe ber a lo then a, kawng dik i zawhna lama i nunna hialin a lo tuar a nih pawhin i then leh rual, thiante leh nangmah hmangaihtu zawng zawng che hian i hming hi chhuang takin kan rawn hre reng thin ang a, Chatuan Rammawiah min lo hmuak dawn nia.

Nangmah Hmangaihtu



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Well you are very familiar with the topic. Right!! Then what is a gift? If you are going to explain the word Gift, how will you explain?

I opened my CAL’s Dictionary, then i found the definition like: “a present or something which is given”. Yes, obviously, a gift is a present which was given to someone. Here, my questions are; why are we giving a gift and what does it signifies? To whom a gift was given???

A gift was given to someone we care. To show love, to encourage, to congrats and many other reasons. However be the reasons a gift says a lot of things to the receiver that words cannot express.

So, there is one clear thing about a gift. That is, when a gift was given; there are two parties involved: the one who received it and the one who gave it. The giver always expects some sort of appreciation from the receiver. And if the receiver did not appreciate what he was done. The giver might not feel good about him.

In life, everyone in this world were given the same gift, that is “TODAY”. GOD gave us equal opportunity to do our works, duty and what we need to do. If we don’t appreciate and utilized what we received from GOD, GOD might not be happy with us. GOD is ready to bless the one who appreciate His gift. So, let’s use our gift efficiently to achieve our best level.

My Summer Holiday!!

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After having six month of hectic schedule; I finally relief from those schedule. Yes, it was a great time for me to meet new friends, to enjoy,  and to do something that I liked.

I reached Chennai on 25 May for summer vacation and I stayed with my friend’s cousin Daniel; who is working at Income Tax Department in Chennai for a couple of weeks. They were Naga and I enjoyed different dishes of Naga’s. Yeahh.. It was too good. Later I met one Mizo guy Tluangtea; who is working at Chennai in Central Excise and Customs as an Inspector, then I shift to his quarters and stayed with them for a month.

During my stay in Chennai, I was studying Sun Certified Java Programmer course in Aptech Computer Education which was located in Gopalapuram. I have cleared the Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform, Standard Edition 5.0 (SCJP). I was very thankful to GOD for helping me to clear the exam, giving me a home to stay and giving me such a good friends.

Here I add some pictures:

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

The Three :)

The Three 🙂

With Ma Big Boss

With Ma Big Boss

The Sleeping Duo

The Sleeping Duo

The Eating Machine

The Eating Machine




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Before I start, let me have a short survey..

Probably you might have..


After seeing the last question, you might be thinking back your past experience or you might think the question is stupid!! Why am I interested in this topic? Well here is one story (based on true incident. Not Me 😆 ) … Suppose you saw a nice boy/girl and you liked him/her very much. But you do not have the courage to tell what you have in your mind!! 😳 Think about the situation when you heard through friend you that he/she also liked you; and you start romance. Won’t you be happy?? Of course you will be happy. On your first date, you heard one of the most common sentence in the world from him/her!! “I LOVE YOU!!” 🙂 But one day, some of your friend told you that he/she is dating another person also and unluckily THAT WAS TRUE!! 😯 😥 How will you react in that kind of situation?? 😈 Well, my question is, “What is LOVE”. Someone told you that he/she love you, and after sometime dump you!! If this is love; DO YOU WANT LOVE or DO YOU LOVE ANYONE!! ❗ ❗ ❓

My days in hospital.

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(So far I have written my posts only in Mizo. I have decided to write some of my posts in English. But I don’t have enough skills to write a good one. Here comes my first English Post. If you have any suggestions, I am ready to accept it.)

Due to a fever that was quite persistent and causing me discomfort, cough and loose motion, I had to be admitted to a hospital.

I was reluctant to go to the hospital. Instead I preferred to go to the private clinic first. I have this fear of hospitals. After one week, I finally decided to go to hospital, taking into consideration that I have been ill for the past one week without my fever showing signs of letting up.

We took Taxi and went to Presbyterian Hospital, Durtlang at night around 9. When we reached the hospital, a doctor gave me a thorough checking and admitted me.

After some time, one nurse came and put Venflon into my veins to hang an iv drip and she brought 6 iv drips. When I saw the drip, I was thinking that, “Do I need that much of drips?” I was given all the drips continually and I got fed up with hanging the drips, after sometime I got an idea. As soon as the nurse went I increase the drops of the drips thinking that it will finish soon. But it doesn’t went well. Again one nurse came and reduces the drops; she scolded me not to increase it again.

On the next day, my hand was so hurt and I asked the nurse to change my venflon to the smaller one that they used on babies. She just smirked. Again use the same size!! I was given the drips for the whole day. I told my parents that I want to go home. But they did not allow me in such condition.

After two days, my temperature was normal and I saw lots of improvements except loose motion. I went to toilet more than 15 times per day which makes me so tired. Everyday when the doctors came for checking, he asked me how many times I went to toilet.

But one day, one nurse was on duty in our ward. She looks so nice!!! From that time I felt a little less boring. I asked her name to some other nurses and got her number also 🙂 🙂 Even though I did not have family around, I didn’t feel alone. There was another guy next to my bed who was quite talkative.

During my stay, my relatives and friends used to come to visit me. I also got some pocket money from them. So I got an Idea again, and start calling friends and relatives to inform that I was admitted to the hospital. I thought of earning some bucks before I was discharged from the hospital 🙂 :)…. This idea was quite went well…hehehe.

After one week, I was finally discharge from the hospital. This stay at the hospital made me realize how blessed I was. Thank GOD for giving me such a good family, friends.


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Disclaimer: He thu hi chawtak khuka khukpui chi a ni leu. Chawtak khuka khukpui i tum a nih chuan chhiarlo mai rawh. Thutak leh fiamthu chawhpawlh a ni e.

Mi hrisel pangngai I nih chuan dawmdawiinah I la awmlo mai thei. Damdawiin han kal chiah hian Nurse-te hlut zia leh an fl zia hi a lang thin. Keini ang mi phunchiar leh sawisel tur hre em em pawh dawhthei takin min lo dawngsawng thei reng hi an fakawm a ni.

Nurse hmelhriat I nei em? Engtia in hria nge in nih? Nurse hmelhriat ka nei ve nual a, a then chu an training laia ka hriat te an nia, a then chu training zo tawhte, tin ka cousin ah pawh nurse an awm. Nurse hmelhriat neih hi hospital han pan meuh chuan a hlutzia hi a hriat thin.

Ka thianpain “Nurse chu hmelhriat a tawk, ngaihzawn loh tur, Training lai ngat phei chu ngaihzawn loh tur” a ti thin. A chhan ni a a sawite chu:

  1. Nurse training lai ngaihzawn chu pawisa a hek a ti. A chhan a sawi dan chuan, hostelah an awm a, eitur duh ang an nei thei silo; han phone ila an duty-na hmun tur leh an duty hun tur min rawn hrilh a, rawn kal rawh tih pah hian eitur an duhzawng hi an rawn sawi vak a, ken loh theih a ni thin silo. Chuvang chuan nurse training lai ngaihzawn chu pawisa a hek duh a ti.
  2. Engthil pawh ken mahla nuam tit akin I rim thei chuang loving, damdawiin a damlo zinga nula rim a nuam thei tak tak lo. Engmah a tih theihloh?? a ti. Heihi chu ka hrethiam ve chiah lo. Enge tih theihloh chu??
  3. Nurse I ngaizawnga nupuiah I nei a nih chuan mi taima tak I nih a ngai ang. Fa in nei anga, zan lamah duty a chhuah a ngaih chang a awm phei chuan in lamah in fate I lo kilkawi a ngai dawn a. chumi I inhuamlo a nih chuan nupuiah nei suh a ti bawk.

Mahse heng thil avang ringawt a hmangaih ngawih ngawih Nurse an nih avang ringawt a thlah tur tihna chu a ni lo. Ka Pu(grandfather) hian nurse hi a ngaisang khawp mai a, kan family atang hian tu emaw tal hi chuan zir ve se a duh hle thin a ni. Tumkhat chu class XII ka pass hlim hian Durtlangah GNM course hi min dil tir ve alawm mawle. Phurlo tawkin ka kal a, ka han exam ve a, written-ah ka tling a, interview-ah ka tling ta lova. Ka lawm angreng phian.

Hun alo kal a, ka Pu duhna tih hlawhtlin sak tum kan awmlo nge ni, kan theilo pawh ka hre lo. Ani lah chuan a duhna chu ala pangngai reng mai si. Ka tih ngaihna hrelo chuan “Ka Pu, lungngai suh. I duh phawt chuan Nurse Mo ila nei dawn nia, tupa i ngah em hi” tiin ngaihtha tak chuan ka awmtir ve chu a nia. Entin tak ni zel ang maw??


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Kum 2006 kum tawp a lo thlen meuh chuan kum 3 chhunga kan lo beih ve tang tang rah chhuah chu kan hre ve ta. Vanneihthlak takin, Pathian zarah hlawhtling takin ka zirlai chu ka zo ve ta hlawl mai. Kum 2007 kum a lo her chhuak a, zirna sang zawk beih leh ka rilruk avangin coaching class kal turin ka thiante nen Guwahati lam kan pan ta a.

Guwahati kan thlen chuan awmna tur ngaihtuahin Private Hostel kan zawng a. Hostel tha pangngai tak mai, man to lutuk silo chu kan hmu ta a. Mahse kha hostel a admission ti tur khan Medical Test neih a ngai a. Heng Blood Group, Rh Factor, VDRL leh HIV test neih a, a report kha submit tur a ni. Tichuan kan thianho chuan thisen test tur chuan kan kal ta a. Private hospital 1 ah kan kal a, kan thisen kan lak tir zawh chuan tlailam a a result lam tura min hrilh hnuah Hospital chu kan chhuahsan ta a.

Nilenga kan tihtur tul kan tih hnuah chuan kan thisen test result lam turin hospital chu kan pan ta a. Kan lehkha te an endik hnuah kan thisen test result chu envelope in min pe chhuak ta a. Kan thianpa 1 tuna misual[dot]com admin zinga mi 1 hian ka result chu ka en hma in min chhuhsak nghal a, an test result kan en a, an result ah chun “No Reactive” tih hi a lo chuang kalh mai a. Ka result kan han en ve ta chu ka rin a lo ang ta lo tawp mai!! Kan thianpa The chhamanator (misual) a hian envelope chu a hawng a min han hmuh mai chu!! Sawi leh tur hi a awm tawh lo reng reng. Ngaihtuah a tawi tak mai a ni.

An test result kan en khan an resultah khan tihian a inziak a:

VDRL                                                                           No Reactive

HIV                                                                              No Reactive

Tiin a indawt hian a inziak a. Ka result kan han hawng ve mai chuh!!! A tlar hnihna zawnah hian “Positive” tih hi a lo chuang kulh mai chu niin!! Hmuh rual rualin ka thaw a tawp chawt ni hianka hria. Ka awmdan chiah pawh kha ka hrethiam tawh lo. Chuta karah chhama pek chuan min la sawi thaih leh nghal. [L].

Second reilote hun chuan ka lehkha chu min pe a. Kan enchian chiah kha chuan ka lawmdan leh Chhama ka ngei dan kha a intluk thual ta ve ang. Ka resultah chuan ti hian a lo inziak a:

BLOOD GROUP                                                             O

RH Factor                                                                       Positive

VDRL No                                                                          Reactive

HIV No                                                                             Reactive

An resultah khan a tlar 2-na ah khan HIV result kha an ziak bawk si kha min tih mangan a tum ve reng a niang chu, a veilam hliah siin a dinglam tlar 2-na chiah hi min lo hmuh kha a lo nia. Reilo te chu HIV +ve emaw ka nih ka inti hman a nih chu.

Tunhnu a ka ngaihtuah let leh hian HIV +ve damlote hi an lo va khawngaih thlak tak em! Kei pawh second reilo te chhung pawhin khati khawp khan min thawng a nia. Anni damchhunga he natna hrik an vei tawh tur hi chu ka lainat in an rilru zawng zawng hriatthiam pui lo mah ila an taksa tawrhna bak an rilru hrehawm tur zia hi chu ka tem ve zawk tawh in ka inhria.